‘The two detectives stood in silent contemplation on the plateau facing into a light northerly autumn drizzle of chilled rain as a brand new early October morning began to break above the horizon of the Derbyshire moorland that stretched before them.

Pistols still to hand, barrels almost red hot and emitting smoke from the final emissions of muzzle flash they stood amidst the many spent cartridge cases that lay all around them like precious gems glistening on the dewy grass.

As their knarled, battle scarred faces, etched with the experience shared of countless incursions behind hostile enemy lines in the name of Queen and country and many more in the name of security and justice for the Empire, gradually became illuminated by the thin shards of sunlight breaking through the last remnants of night time cloud Detective Chief Inspectors James Bartholomew Bass and Alan Tiberius Blackmore seemed at a loss for any further meaningful response with regards to how the previous night’s occurrences had ultimately unfolded.’