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Appointment with Destiny     Limited Edition Hardback

Appointment with Destiny Limited Edition Hardback


In the year 1888, three years after their honourable discharge following many years loyal service with The Prince Consort’s Own 95th Rifle Brigade, Prince Albert’s Own 11th Hussar regiment and Queen Victoria’s Covert Special Forces unit, Major James Bartholomew Bass and Commander Alan Tiberius Blackmore are recruited into the London Metropolitan Police Force by their ex-Army commanding officer and friend, Detective Chief Superintendent Francis (Frank) William Abilene.

Elevated immediately to the rank of Detective Inspectors, over the course of the next decade Bass and Blackmore set to work establishing a formidable reputation amongst both their colleagues, and the criminal fraternity of London, for the implementation of their unorthodox, and often morally questionable, policing methods that proved to be, nevertheless, prime factors in aiding them to successfully conclude a significantly large number of high-profile cases, including that of the infamous ‘Whitechapel Ripper’ murders of 1888, a story recounted in greater detail within the pages of my debut work, ’89, Manning Place.’

The sophomore novel in ‘The Victorian Detectives’ series, entitled ‘An Appointment with Destiny’, begins in the heart of London, in the year 1898. 

In the wake of a particularly ferocious altercation with a group of mysterious ‘Black Guard’ operatives on Tower Bridge, Bass and Blackmore are made acutely aware by their great friend and colleague, Captain Pontius Maximillian Aston, of the absolute necessity for the successful conclusion of their next mission: to protect the life, at all costs, of the one man who is destined to save humankind from the   potentially catastrophic overrule of their arch nemesis, ‘The Architect’; Winston Leonard Randolph Churchill.

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