Aside from the aforementioned founders of the League: Detective Chief Inspectors James Bartholomew Bass and Alan Tiberius Blackmore, the remaining ‘League of Ghosts’ were as follows;

Doctor Constance Matilda Bass. Wife of James Bass. A renowned physician and a pioneer of both infra-red photography and the development of the forensic techniques used to aid the Police Force.

Dame Pandora Scarlett Blackmore. Wife of Tiberius Blackmore. A World class musician and ex- Queen Victoria’s Special Forces operative.

Commander Don ‘The Undertaker’ Blackmore. Son of Tiberius and Pandora Blackmore. Recruited to the League primarily to utilise both his military experience and his special understanding of weapons and tactics.

Alanis May Blackmore. Daughter of Tiberius and Pandora Blackmore. A gifted psychic and colleague of Professor Florence Elizabeth Jefferson at the Institute of Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena. Co-inventor of The Box Of Souls and The Psychic Compass.

Detective Chief Superintendent Francis (Frank) William Abilene. Commander of the Leman Street Police station house. Recruited to serve 'The League of Ghosts' by his great friends Bass and Blackmore for both his extensive military expertise and command experience.

Doctor Phineas Theodore Jefferson. Former chief military surgeon of the Prince Consort’s Own 95th Rifle Brigade, weapons inventor and ballistics expert.

Professor Florence Elizabeth Jefferson. Wife of Theodore Jefferson. Professor in charge of The Institute of paranormal and Psychic Phenomena and co-inventor of the Box of Souls and The Psychic Compass with her colleague Alanis Blackmore.

Captain Pontius Maximillian Aston (The Industrial Dandy). Former Captain of the Prince Consort’s Own 95th Rifle Brigade and one of the Council of 13 'Grand Meisters' who oversee the 'Time Enforcement Agency.' The Aston family are able to travel backwards and forwards in time within the fourth dimension and assist the T.E.A in preventing anomalies occurring that would disrupt the timelines as they should naturally unfold. Indispensable agents for The League of Ghosts.

Beatrice Juliette Aston. Wife of Pontius Aston, Mother of Leopold Aston. Born a pure blood Vampyre four hundred years ago in the city of Copenhagen, Beatrice Aston’s great physical strength, speed and stealth, as well as an unrivalled knowledge of world history and geography throughout time, make her an essential agent called to service by 'The League.'

Professor Leopold Byron Aston. Son of Pontius and Beatrice Aston, Professor Leopold Byron Aston is a brilliant scientist, physicist, engineer, inventor and a professor of advanced metaphysics.

Doctor Grace Henrietta Blake. Former military surgeon. Saved the life of Don Blackmore during the Egyptian Urbai revolt of 1882 and became close friends.

Detective Inspector Marcus Jackson. Raised on the streets of Whitechapel, Marcus Jackson’s extensive knowledge of the infrastructure of both the streets and its population were of prime importance whilst being considered as a candidate for recruitment to the 'League.' His unwavering courage and loyalty during many supporting roles under the command of Bass and Blackmore gained their respect and eventually earned him his seat at the coveted table alongside the other members of 'The League of Ghosts' he had long since admired.

Lord Ragnar Thor Olafsson. Husband of Lady Freya Anna Olafsson. Born into Icelandic aristocracy with a formidable warrior heritage stretching back to the feared Viking warlords of the late 8th century, the Olafssons are responsible for the protection of the Northern hemisphere on behalf of 'The League of Ghosts.'

Lady Anna Freya Olafsson. Wife of Lord Ragnar Thor Olafsson, Lady Freya is too descended from a much-respected and feared Viking bloodline. A shield-maiden by birth, her extraordinary combat skills are matched by the proud instincts of her Viking ancestors: 'To rule with benevolence and love, to fight with passion and honour, to enter the halls of Valhalla with pride...'

Each one of them a unique entity, each one of them chosen to serve their calling and operate as loyal agents fighting a cause against the many faces of evil for truth and justice throughout time, each one destined to become ‘guardians of The League of Ghosts.’

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