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JB Bass

Reader Reviews

Just wanted to say a massive thank for your book that arrived today. Have started reading and all I can say is wow! The story is amazing and your writing and description of characters, places and events are brilliant.  What has made it more brilliant for myself is that it covers steampunk and werewolves!I so hope you continue writing stories and cannot wait to see how this journey progresses.

A new book by a new author is always a risk..BUT  wow, was I delighted with this book.  I ordered as a holiday read a few days prior to holiday but ended up reading ‘most’ of the book before I set off! Wonderfully clever language, excellent character establishing and background and a great story.  I look forward to the next instalment.

JB Bass is a strong character. Exciting stories, merging historical accuracy with fascinating, imaginative twists. What will the Victorian Detectives do next?

I really enjoyed this book.  The author really has done his research, and historical events are described so accurately and convincingly, that when merged with the fiction they create a believable and credible world for the Victorian Detectives, Bass and Blackmore, to operate in. It's difficult to say too much about this book without spoiling the adventure for those yet to immerse themselves in the world of the 'League of Ghosts', but suffice to say, the various locations, characters and exploits, added to the, at times, wonderfully atmospheric, moody tone definitely makes this a page turner.  Paradoxically I couldn't wait to reach the end to discover the conclusion, but equally I was sad I'd finished the book, therefore bringing an ( hopefully only temporary ) end to the adventures of the two extraordinary detectives. Please write some more, J.B. Bass!

Having had the privilege of reading an early draft of '89, Manning Place' by J.B. Bass, I can thoroughly recommend it when launched in June. Intriguing plot, good characters and paints good imagery with his words.

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