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89 Manning Place                     Paperback Edition

89 Manning Place Paperback Edition


’89, Manning Place.’ The extraordinary tale of how two late nineteenth century ex-army officers, ex-Covert Special Forces operatives, Major James Bartholomew Bass and Commander Alan Tiberius Blackmore, are recruited as Detective Inspectors into the London Metropolitan Police force and are immediately set to task in attempting to solve the ongoing case of “Jack The Ripper’ that has become something of an embarrassment to both the Police force and the British Government.

What they discover reveals startling evidence of a powerful supernatural entity influencing the thoughts and actions of key government personnel and undeniable proof that confirms without question the manipulation of time itself, factors they could scarcely once have dared to dream imaginable. These revelations draw them to conclude that a new organisation should be conceived, whose membership roster would include a personally selected group of the most extraordinary individuals, each chosen from their respective fields of excellence, in order to directly and expertly confront the rising threat of ‘supernatural crime.’

Together they would become ‘The League of Ghosts’ and proceed to embark on a series of crime solving adventures within the parameters of their own nineteenth century and beyond throughout the fourth dimension of time.

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